Save Time While Being the FIRST to Receive Powerful Resources.
Prerelease Books, Sermon Helps, Fun Merch and Surprises.





You want to stay in the know.

We have partners who want you to stay in the know.

Pastor Box makes it happen.



As you plan future sermon series, often the stress of running your ministry can stifle inspiration. Imagine a box packed full of advance reader copies of books and curriculum, along with sermon helps from trusted leaders in ministry. The same can be said for small group and adult ministry plans.

Let us get–and keep–you equipped!


Creativity can also suffer in the hecticness. So we decided to throw in some fun: Prerelease Movies/DVDs, T-shirts, and why not eat free at your favorite restaurants to boot!

Pastor Rick Rutter

“Great content, great price… best annual investment in my ministry.”

Pastor Jeremy Heitkam

“As a solo pastor of a small congregation, there is no way I could ever afford to purchase all the resources I receive via Pastor Box! My ministry and my faith is blessed beyond measure by this amazing opportunity! Worth every dollar!”

Pastor Derek Noorman

“Awesome materials! The BOX is always brimming with the latest and greatest resources, plus tons of little extras. I couldn’t be happier!”

Pastor DJ Carney

“Nearly tackled my secretary coming in the door with the box!  Elated at all the cool resources inside!!! From the coffee to the DVDs to the t-shirt to the great books (many of which were on my want list), this box is awesome! Got to get to reading so I can be ready for that next box! Thanks for this, I am sure it is going to help and enhance our ministry here at FBC Bristow.”

Lenny Van Essendelft

“I have gotten two boxes from them so far and both were stuffed full of resources and other cool things! My second box had some issues with the shipping. I contacted customer service and they took care of it right away and had another box sent out to me within a day or two of me reaching out. I would absolutely recommend!!”

Pastor Mike Hammer

“I only have so many hours in the day, and to have someone who can help provide some great materials to use just helps to free up more time to do ministry (and the extra treats are definitely a plus!). Thanks for what you guys do!”

Pastor Rick Neubauer

“I am already receiving Pastor Box…love it beyond measure.  I signed my wife up for a similar gift box…and boy was she disappointed!  Was nothing compared to Pastor Box. Keep it coming…love it…and so does my wife!”

Rev. Richard J Backus

AWESOME Job on Pastor Box! I couldn’t believe how packed it was! And they were all GREAT resources! Thank you! I already can’t wait for the next one!!!

Rev. Stanislao Esposito

Awesome!!!!! Thank you!


Next quarterly box ships in JUNE. (March sold out!)

Our goal is to equip and connect you with new resources every quarter.
To get an idea of what type of resources we try to include in each quarterly box, check out this image below to see an example from a previous box!